DLT Registration Service Fee

As you aware about DLT, registration is compulsory for Bulk SMS. Operators keep changing rule and as SMS service provider our main task is to deliver your SMS and maintain our panel. We helped all our customer for free till December 2020, but as now template registration is also compulsory, we have to charge to provide you further service related DLT Registration, header, template. Following are the steps

  1. Submit Document
    • If Approve Step Two, if Reject we have to Guide for another process
  2. On KYC Approval, Submit Header
    • If Approve Step Three, else we have to guide for another process
  3. On Header Approval, Register DLT and header in our server
  4. Template Request
  5. On Template Approval, Register in our portal
    • On Rejection, send registration again.
  6. If you are using API, we have to check whether API is passing the same content as per approved template.
    • Communication with Software and Web Developers

To overcome this extra work, we request you to pay Rs.500/- so that we can help you out for registration and 1st time template registration only, all the future service we will charge as low as minimum Rs.300/- per service call regarding header, template etc. Because it’s not one day process, many calls, many days, many AnyDesk, many follow-ups included. This is the TRAI rule, and we have to follow the process.


We will notify you via email or phone for next step
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