Customer Satisfaction: How to Win Repeat Buyers & it’s 5 effective ways

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are like the soul of the business, business cannot function if no consumer is buying the products. How does a business become successful? When people buy products from them and think they are worth purchasing and recommending. Customers will only be your repeat buyers if they are satisfied with the products or services the business offer.

A lot of firms dedicate the majority of their important resources to finding new consumers. Customer satisfaction and acquisition can boost sales and brand recognition, but the effects are not as noteworthy as those of client retention. One of the studies says that 80% of your revenues will generate from the 20% of your repeat customers, which eventually boosts customer satisfaction among more people.


Repeat Purchase Rate and its Significance:

The proportion of your consumers who have made several purchases is known as your repeat buys rate. Better results come from bigger numbers. A rate of 0% would indicate that no consumers have been back to make additional purchases. If the rate were 100%, every single client would have made several purchases. Truly, it’s quite easy.

Over time, your earnings will increase based on how frequently your clients make purchases from you. Your repeat purchase percentage is a strong predictor for evaluating the success of your attempts to keep clients and their brands loyal.


  • Repeat customers have a higher lifetime value

In addition to better conversion rates, repeat customers typically place significantly larger orders than new ones. A returning client will always spend more money than a new one on each transaction.

Customers are less hesitant to make purchases from you as they become more familiar with you. Because of this, advertising new products to existing clients requires less work than promoting them to new ones.


  • Recurring consumers help to market your business

One of the best methods to grow your client base is through word-of-mouth marketing, which repeat consumers do for your company in addition to growing sales. A consumer is more likely to recommend the business to their peers and relatives the more purchases they make from you, this will only happen with customer satisfaction. After customers have received exceptional customer service, they will feel more confident recommending you.


  • Cost savings come from returning consumers

Selling your goods to repeat customers might be far less expensive than attracting new clients for your business through product promotion. The apparent causes for this are that returning clients are already familiar with your brand and like your products over those of your competition.


Effective ways to increase Repeat Purchase Rate:


  1. Reward loyal customers with discounts and incentives

Everyone enjoys deals and discounts. If you haven’t already, you should begin using discounts and incentives to keep your consumers. Offering discounts may not be the best course for your company if your margins are low. Offering new consumers discounts after their initial purchase, however, might prove to be quite beneficial for your company.


  1. Re-engagement emails to be sent

You may send re-engagement emails to clients who haven’t purchased from you in a long time. Regaining the clients is the aim of the email (or series of emails). Remind them of their original motivation for purchasing from you, and highlight what they are missing. Your re-engagement emails may also need to contain an incentive to increase conversions. This could be a coupon code, free shipping, a gift, or any incentive to encourage the buyer back.


  1. Subdivide your audience

Customer segmentation is grouping your consumers into multiple categories. Each section will be determined by a variety of factors, including age, gender, occupation, geography, hobbies, past purchases, and more. Then, you can target the various groups with a customized message that appeals to them directly and pays attention to their particular needs and desires. This will allow you to drive more sales and encourage effective marketing campaigns


  1. Design consumer loyalty programs

A fruitful customer loyalty program may significantly help you keep consumers and turn them into repeat clients. The fundamental justification for this is that loyalty programs can make your consumers feel important, in control, and closer to your business. Such a link gives your clients the proper type of incentive, encouraging them to buy more products from your business. A client who is a part of your loyalty program is 50% more likely to make another purchase from you.


  1. Submit customized product recommendations

Product suggestions perform best when they are built on prior sales information. Put them in your emails and on your product pages. The advice should be as individualized as possible. Knowing which items a consumer is most likely to purchase allows you to facilitate repeat purchases and speed up cart filling, so they don’t have to spend a lot of time searching your store. You may increase sales and your percentage of repeat business by putting the right things in the hands of the right customers at the right time.



Top business brands have achieved success in the conversion of the repeat purchase rate. Your customers are important to your business, which means you need to make efforts to please your customers, which will eventually help in gaining more trust and brand loyalty. Any organization, whether B2B or B2C, can relate that recurring clients are much more profitable. Engagement continues to be the greatest approach for retention. Your company’s income and profitability may shoot up if you focus the largest portion of your resources on client retention techniques.

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