We’ve 53 Businesses who are under web maintenance in June 2021

What Can We Do for Web Maintenance?

Software Updates

Software updates are important because they often include critical patches to security holes. We can also improve the stability of your software, and remove outdated features. All of these updates are aimed at making the user experience better.


Website security refers to the protection of personal and organizational public-facing websites from cyberattacks.

Browser compatibility testing

Ensure that all aspects of your website are functioning properly in the most common browsers. Your website must also be compatible with less used browsers.

Performance monitoring and optimization,

Web Performance Monitoring is the practice of analyzing and monitoring websites to make sure they display the most important content as quickly as possible, load their pages at consistent speeds, and don’t suffer unexpected downtimes.


In maintenance plan, we take a backup of your website and stored (usually weekly) so it can always be recovered if your website get hacked

Website Content

A fresh and updated content on websites is what users and search engine like. Therefore regularly review your content, correct the mistakes, and upload the new information with targeted words in a fresh style.

How Do We Do It?

We majorly work on a project basis for web development services, where a fixed quote is accepted for a defined scope of work of a website or a task.

We provide support where the scope cannot be defined, requires research work and where our clients can pay as we work or implement the task

We provide support where the scope cannot be defined, requires research work and where our clients can pay as we work or implement the task

What Do We Need From You?

What Our Clients Says

Fantastic help & managed to solve problems that larger companies couldn’t. Highly recommend & will definitely work with again.

Shayne Thomas
Melli & Shayne
Erlangen, Germany

Really fast response to helping fix a website issue.

Tim Scott
Gillian Arnold
Darlington, England

Problem solvers, no time wasters with excellent service and a great Can-do attitude. Am really impressed. Thank you for looking after me and reducing my stress from days to mere minutes. Well done.

Joey Curtis
Lady Lex Productions
Sydney, Australia

I have been it’s client and got superb performance and great after sales services too! I would strongly recommend to give it a try without hesitation.

Rachit Popat
Reeyo Motel The Village Resort Pvt. Ltd.

Competitive edge over peers; ethical standards, considering money only as a by-product of life and work. A destination where the client feels satisfied.

Vegetarian Food World
Infinite Food World
Jamnagar, India

Quick and efficient work, always goes above and beyond. Will use them again.

Stefanie Evans
The Studio Group
Birmingham, England

From the beginning Hakimi was different from other service providers as he listened carefully to all my needs and challenges and created a tailor made and individual action plan which he then carried out very professionally and within 2 weeks. The outcome was as I expected and on the top of that Hakimi was always

Christoph Puschmann
Fridulin Baby Shop
Riga, Latvia

Always great to work with! Provides a lot of knowledge and clearly communicates! I look forward to work with you again. Thank you.

Joel Moranton
Moranton Media
Oakley, California

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