Types of Sales Funnel: 15 Important Types That You Must Know!

Types of Sales Funnel:

You understand the difficulties of boosting your earnings as an online business owner. 96% of first-time visitors aren’t prepared to make a purchase. As a result, a stunning 79% of marketing never results in sales. Hence, firms lose thousands of dollars.

Are you one of these companies as well? Do you also waste money and effort with internet marketing? But you’ve seen your competitors make tremendous sums of money while defeating you at your own game, haven’t you? Do you want to discover how they manage to do so?

A well-planned sales funnel may help you overcome hurdles and encourage your consumers to buy more. Knowing your clients and connecting with them regularly helps you create trust and hence increases your revenues as a marketer, and the Sales Funnel is your secret sword to do so efficiently. Building one may offer your company a huge boost.

A sales funnel is a marketing phrase that describes and records all the steps that potential consumers take from prospecting to purchasing. A sales funnel is made up of various processes, the number of which varies depending on the sales model of each organization.

68% of businesses have not yet recognized or made an effort to measure the Sales Funnel. You could be in this category right now, but now that you know this, you can convert it into a business opportunity. You must take advantage of this precious element and join the remaining 32% who are generating thousands of dollars for their businesses.

Let’s get into knowing the types of sales funnel:


1. Lead Magnet Sales Funnel:

The lead magnet sales funnel is extensively used and is easy to set up. It’s a free resource that draws potential consumers. In return for their contact information, the free content is provided. To receive access to the content, customers must first fill out a questionnaire on your website.

Obtaining their contact information allows you to develop your email list, which is excellent, but perhaps you will be able to nurture your lead along the journey from lead to client status.

Discounts, Videos, eBooks, Whitepapers, Case Studies, Guides, Checklists, Workbooks, Webinars, and Templates are all examples of lead magnet content.


2. Webinar Funnel:

A very powerful approach to attract leads to your funnel is through webinars. You have the chance to market yourself because you are spending a significant amount of time with potential customers. It is one of the most effective forms of sales funnels for promoting high-ticket items.

Webinar Funnels are primarily broken into two stages:

The initial stage of a webinar funnel is a live version that is often hosted on third-party software (Zoom, Go-To-Webinar, and so on). During this phase, your goal should be to pique the target’s interest so that he or she is compelled to buy your product or service.

The second section of your webinar is the revenue-generating portion. This is the point at which you’ve provided value to your customers and are now presenting them with your offer.  To boost the amount of sales, create a sense of urgency and limitation in the prospect’s mind by using timers, reducing the amount available, and so on.


3. Membership Funnel:

This is a simple membership funnel path that seems to move purchasers from a lesser membership plan to a premium one. People are typically hesitant to part with their money, so providing them with the chance to sample a product by signing up is an excellent method to drive prospective conversions.

Let’s say, you own a website with a collection of video editing resources, and you offer two membership plans: the Basic membership, which includes vector images, stock videos, and After Effects 2D animations, and the Elite membership, which includes everything, including royalty-free audio, 3D motion animation, presentation slides, and many more.

You want the majority of individuals to choose the Elite plan since it makes you more money. In this situation, you might provide a discount on the Elite plan as a post-purchase upsell offer after someone buys the Basic plan.


4. Social Media Funnel:

Social networking may help certain businesses succeed. And the growth funnel for social followers is a wonderful approach to boost your social presence. It’s one of the most distinctive forms of sales funnels since it boosts your social media presence.

You deliver something beneficial to your target audience in this funnel. In exchange, you ask them to follow you on social media in the hopes of receiving more valuable content.


5. Live Demo Funnel:

In SaaS and product-based organizations, the live demo funnel is often used. Because it involves providing a live product demonstration so leads can experience how it works in person, it’s an efficient marketing funnel.

The opportunity for your business to actively respond to the queries of your audience is one of the advantages of the live demo funnel. As a result, you could eliminate all of their resistance and skepticism regarding your offering, convincing them to buy.

Create a live event where people may come regularly to do this. Keep more episodes inside and remind viewers where they can buy the product you’re demonstrating.


6. Homepage Funnel:

The goal of this funnel is to create a typical home page and turn it into a lead funnel. Visitors’ first impressions are formed on the first page. People are less likely to purchase if your site does not convey the story of your company. First impressions can last a long time.

It is advised that you have a crystal-clear CTA that acts as a catch-all on your site. However, keep in mind that not every person who enters this funnel qualifies. As a result, you should make sure that your funnel is centered on providing education and enables you to identify leads as qualified once they do a certain action that moves them farther down the funnel.


7. Tripwire Funnel:

Tripwire works to entice prospects with an offer that is so alluring and affordable that they can’t help but make a buy. When a potential customer buys your low-cost front-end product, you may then upsell them on other items you meant to sell, which will increase your bottom-line revenues.

The purpose of this Tripwire funnel is generally to break even on ad spending with the lower-cost product and then to entice paying consumers to higher-ticket offers on the Thank You Page.


8. Video Sales Funnel:

Video is currently one of the most appealing and popular online content types. Through video sales letter funnels, a lot of goods and services are sold online. A video encourages potential customers to purchase your good or service. Therefore, the best footage is required for this. The prospect shouldn’t find this portion of the funnel to be monotonous.

The “Add To Cart” button is frequently kept hidden until the price is disclosed in the video. Although it is not essential, ClickFunnels makes it simple to accomplish this. Your product is sold in the video sales letter, you can add an order form bump, and then there is often an upsell or even a downsell. Place in cart Pop-ups can be displayed either after the video has finished playing or while it is streaming, but only after the price has been disclosed because you want your prospect to act after seeing your video.


9. Invisible Funnel:

Giving out a lot of value upfront for free and only charging if the consumer is satisfied with the service is how Invisible Funnels operates. Visitors register their seats after seeing a video sales letter on the first page even though registration is free and there is no payment to their credit card.

The invisible funnel operates under the tenet that a company should offer something for free upfront and only charge if the client is satisfied. If you are considering using this funnel, you must be confident in your product or service because it is not appropriate for every company plan.


10. Squeeze Page Funnel:

This simplistic two-page sales funnel uses curiosity to create leads. A squeeze page’s objective is to get visitors to provide their email addresses. There aren’t many additional diversions on these pages. Squeeze pages aim to collect potential prospects’ email addresses.

Unique headlines, cost-free giveaways, and eye-catching images are all effective ways to pique people’s attention and encourage them to sign up for newsletters and accounts. Modern sales are heavily influenced by consumer curiosity, and most consumers want to try things out for themselves. They are more likely to convert if you can pique their curiosity.


11. Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel:

A reverse squeeze funnel asks for their email after providing value to them. Give before you take with the help of a reverse squeeze page funnel. Before requesting a subscription from a visitor, give away some of your greatest content and products. Ask clients to “opt-in for more” once they’ve watched the video.


12. Cancellation Funnel:

When a consumer tries to get a refund, cancel a service, or return goods, the cancellation funnel is used. They frequently cancel because they don’t fully comprehend what you have to offer. After taking a quiz to ascertain their issue, you may attempt to use the sale on the next page.

To engage more clients and better understand their requirements, you can use a quiz creator tool to create interactive quizzes. Refunds, cancellations, and churn can all be greatly reduced as a result.


13. Daily Deal Funnel:

To constantly attract new customers to your business, you may simply design an offer and run it as an ongoing campaign. Make your unique offer on the Two-Step Order Page at the beginning, and then on the Thank You Page, ask your consumers to tell their friends about the offering.


14. Survey Funnel:

Survey funnels are frequently used to find out more about your visitors and to get them involved with your organization. This tool helps in market research and the development of improved methods for maintaining customers and luring new ones. Software for funnel mapping can help in creating communications that are specially customized to their group based on the demographic they fit into.


15. High-end clients Sales Funnel:

For your high-end items, you cannot use any funnel at random. To reach high-end audiences, you need a high-end funnel. For your high-end items, the high-end sales funnel essentially screens out the unqualified leads and leaves you with the qualified ones. By doing this, you may avoid wasting time on prospects who can’t already afford your premium offering.

People typically need to speak with a real person before spending hundreds of dollars on flagship items, therefore your funnel for premium programs should have a phase where you call your qualified prospects. Your leads in this funnel will convert into high-paying clients if you pay close attention to them.


Wrapping It Up:

Your conversion could be easily increased with the proper funnel path for the appropriate audience. But you need to think carefully about the kinds of sales funnels you would like to establish for your company. Yes, creating captivating content requires some effort, but it’s ideal to take your time and create the greatest possible content that will support your long-term use of sales funnels. Understanding your target market, anticipating their wants, and responding to their inquiries at each level of the sales funnel is essential to success.

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