Personalized marketing is marketing that’s targeted to an individual customer’s needs. This strategy goes beyond inputting a buyer’s name in your email software. Instead, it’s meant to follow your customer through each stage of your sales funnel. Personalized marketing helps potential buyers feel seen and understood by your brand. In a world full of choices and noise, the brands that notice their customers will be the ones to stand out.



Personalized marketing is driven by data. Collecting user data will help you better personalize your marketing. This includes –

  • Analytics measured and aggregated by the marketing platforms you use
  • Whether a visitor chooses to call or click on the messenger bot
  • The choices your subscribers make when they receive an email from you
  • How much engaged a user is with your social media marketing
  • Whether a customer who has downloaded your app visits your brick-and-mortar store
  • A potential customer’s next intended action


Using data can also help your software and automation programs remember the steps your customers have taken. That way, they don’t get asked to repeat those same steps more than once. Most importantly, you want to make sure that everything your customers are getting from your brand is relevant to them.



Personalized marketing is adaptable to the buyer’s journey. Each touchpoint in the journey should be able to shift as needed. The buyer’s actions, needs, and intent shape your strategy. Your email automation software should be set up not to repeat the initial welcome sequence they got when they signed up.

You can automate your sales funnel to adapt to a buyer’s behavior. Here are a few ways to make this happen:

  • Segmenting your email list based on customer behavior
  • Having your website remember when someone has already clicked the CTA to join or buy
  • Creating specific scripts and talking points for your customer support personnel to use based on the buyer’s behavior

Your end goal should be helping your customers have a seamless experience. You want customers to receive content, engagement, outreach, and recommendations tailored to them.



Content that’s personalized to each customer can come in many forms. You can customize your email automation, lead magnets, media, apps, social media interactions, and website.

Your website can be set up to remember each visitors’ last action and whether they chatted with the messenger bot on their last visit. It can then tailor their next website experience as a seamless move to the next appropriate step.



Personalized marketing includes custom engagement. This can happen in real-time on social media or a messenger platform. It can also happen via a call with a customer support associate.

Respond promptly to your customers’ comments and messages on social media. Taking the time to respond and help your customers get what they need makes an impact. That could lead to a long-term relationship and repeat business.



Having representatives from your brand reach out one-on-one with customers is the ultimate in personalized outreach. Both B2B and B2C brands can benefit from custom outreach. Nurture warm leads by following up on actions they’ve taken or questions they’ve asked. Additionally, do research before reaching out to cold prospects.



Custom recommendations are a highly effective piece in a personalized marketing strategy. Companies like Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon monitor user behavior and deliver targeted recommendations based on consumer behavior.

Netflix remembers your watch history and recommends films and TV shows you might like based on your interests.

Spotify’s Uniquely Yours dashboard compiles custom playlists based on listener behavior.

Amazon recommends books and products tailored not only to the individual buyer’s behavior and interests. It also shares suggestions based on other buyers with similar interests.



Many companies offer personalized products based on each customer’s needs. Buyers love the personal touch that comes with a custom product. some of the companies that are absolutely smashing personalized product development are –

  • Nike By You
  • Care/Of
  • Function of Beauty
  • Topology
  • Nemeia


Personalized marketing can help your brand make a more authentic connection with potential customers. Data helps brands to customize the marketing experience for each buyer. Additionally, it’s important to deliver personalized content, engagement, outreach, products and recommendations.


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