Social Media Followers to Potential Customers: 5 Tricks and Tips

Social Media Followers to Potential Customers

Social media is like an unpaid asset to your business. It allows you to share your product or service information and helps you to reach out to your potential customers. Social media marketing is one of the best and most impactful marketing strategies as it gives your business an opportunity for Brand Awareness, Online Presence, and Website Visibility.

According to a 2020 survey, 34% of worldwide marketers have trouble calculating the return on investment (ROI) for their social media campaigns. This may be problematic unless you’re not turning your social media followers into paying clients, you could lose precious time and resources.

To accomplish these objectives with a social media marketing plan, ensure that your social content directs your followers through the social media funnel. You may convert inactive social media followers to engaged and paying customers by developing a social media strategy that includes content geared at reaching followers at all phases of the funnel.

The million-dollar question now is how to turn 5.04 billion social media users into customers and increase revenue. Here are some tricks and tips you can apply for social conversion:

  • Understand your Target Audience / Market:

To understand your target audience/market, you first need to do some research to better understand where and what your target audience prefers. Learn about your target audience’s purchasing habits and the social media platforms where they spend their time. You may use this strategy to make your social media marketing activities as successful as possible.

You can measure KPIs, learn specifics about your followers, find out what content is doing the best, and much more by using analytics (either built-in analytics or third-party apps). With the data, you’ll be able to make more accurate decisions to enhance conversions.

  • Choose the right Social Media:

To increase the social conversion rate, you need to know which social media platform is right for you. Sometimes it may happen that your target audience is spending more time on Instagram and you choose to upload your content on Facebook, this will never give results to the efforts you put into building and publishing the content.

Buying behavior changes from person to person and to study this buying behavior you can take the help of analytics tools which will give a clear idea and monitor your marketing campaigns.

  • Make use of Accurate CTAs:

A CTA, or “call to action,” should be included in practically all of your material. Try to make things straightforward and concise. Consider using more powerful action verbs like “purchase” or “shop,” or be more specific about the advantages your readers will receive.

When your audience interacts with a bit of information, you should be aware of the action you want them to do. This might be anything as simple as liking your Instagram post, commenting on Twitter, reading your blog, giving a podcast a rating, joining your email list, or purchasing something.

  • Implementing the 80/20 rule:

Sharing solely content from your website would be overly promotional, and your social media followers would lose interest. The 80/20 rule, therefore, stresses maintaining equilibrium.

80% of your social media content must be involved in entertaining, engaging, and educating the audience so that they will spread the word and increase their exposure.

20% of it has to be specifically connected to your company. These may be discounts, limited-time promotions, etc., with a compelling call-to-action button to entice the audience to know more about your services and possibly convert.

  • Share customer testimonials to grab the trust and attention of the audience:

Positive reviews and testimonials improve consumer trust in businesses, thus there is no better platform to convey them than social media. This will allow your business to drive more clicks and conversions, gain goodwill among your existing customers, and gain more leads.


You must provide value to your social media followers to maintain their engagement. Maintaining healthy connections and implementing the following strategies is the key to generating excellent leads and nurturing them so that conversion rates are maximized.



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